Mission C: Technical Assistance for preliminary estimates

After receiving a lot of questions regarding the nature of our third mission, Mission C, I have decided to write a quick post explaining how homeowners and professionals stand to benefit from said mission.


After proposing our first two missions (A&B), which focused on the creation of a unique design, I wanted Missions C to fulfil two goals:

  1. Help clients in analysing their preliminary estimates, by outlining some of the more relevant technical elements of swimming pool construction (structural work, etc) AND by assisting them in taking the necessary precautions when reading said estimates ( checklist for quantities, etc…) Both elements are truly essential to empower the client and allow him to make an informed choice that satisfies his budget.
  2. Giving  clients the freedom to pick and choose the swimming pool builders and master craftsmen (builder, plumber, etc…) they prefer, even if they aren’t familiar with swimming pool construction. In order to help you in said endeavours, I provide clients with a checklist of necessary technical elements as well as diagrams of water filtration systems, which can help plumbers who are unfamiliar with these types of installations.


We note that this service does not replace, or seek to replace, the responsibilities and work of professional architects or engineers. It is merely a complementary service that can assist clients and their hired professionals in furthering their goals.


This first photo depicts an extract of a brief, which as you can see takes the form of a simple, but surprisingly effective checklist.




The second photo is a diagram of a water filtration system for the corresponding pool.




This third mission is certainly, in my opinion, complementary with Missions A & B. But, more importantly, it remains essential for clients who wish to play a prominent role in the realization of their project.


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