Deck Level Swimming Pool

Referred to in such a way because of the precise alignment of the water with the level of the deck, this  perimeter overflow is generally used to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Also, it allows people to visualise the entire water surface, regardless of where they stand. To many people, this creates the illusion of having a mirror laid out on top of the garden.


It tends to be perfectly silent, if the overflow channel is well-made, and is built using one of two methods: Swimming pool builders either use a steel grating to allow the water to escape to the storage tank, through the overflow channel, or they replace the grating with a small gap in the floor of the pool. Both the grating and the gap are always located at the junction between the deck and the pool. 


For example, in the swimming pool shown below, the latter method was used.




But, regardless of the method you choose to use, it is important that you do not forget about the two symmetrical slopes situated near the edge of the pool. They ensure that rain water, or wastage left behind after cleaning the deck, doesn't get mixed in with the water from the pool. Inversely, they also guarantee that most of the pool water doesn't leak out onto the deck.


Below, you may find the two types of  deck level swimming pools available to you: one using the grating system (left) and one using the more elegant and discrete "floor gap" system (right). 




It is best used in projects that already possess an existing patio or a flat, even area. More importantly, it has the added benefit of being compatible with any swimming pool shape, be it geometric or free form. 


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