Under Coping Overflow


It's probably one of the oldest type of overflow out there, and it still exists in countries like Morocco or Tunisia: the Under Coping Overflow.


Originally, the system ensured the adequate skimming of the water by injecting fresh (water) into the pool, which forced the surface water ( which is dirtiest) through the overflow channel and into the sewers. The fact that none of it was ever re-used meant a huge daily consumption of water that would, of course, be unacceptable by our current standards.   




Today, the use of water tanks ensures that this type of overflow can still be used. However, much like the older version, the use of an under coping overflow certifies both an optimal recycling of the water (much more effective than skimmer pools) and a much lower rate of evaporation compared to other types of overflows.


Only downside: its aesthetic appeal is limited, if not practically inexistent. This is why it is most often recommended in projects where the client has no particular  desire for any other type of overflow, or in cases where an overflow channel already exists. 


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