'What sound do I want my infinity pool to make?'

When designing your infinity pool, it is important for you to know that there is the possibility of choosing between a silent overflow and a more noisy one ( ie: resembling the sound of waterfall)


However, I should warn you. Many of our clients who initially opted for the waterfall infinity pool have, later on, come to regret their decisions. Why? The cascading noise soon became very distracting and lost its original charm. As a result, we had to modify the original profile of the overflow in order to obtain the more discrete sound of trickling water.


Here's how we create the two different sound effects:


1) Waterfall: By having the edge of the pool suspended in mid-air, the water stays away from the vertical wall and free-falls into the lower pools. This creates the waterfall effect.




2)Silent: However, in this case, the edge and vertical wall are perfectly joined together: The water has no other choice than to trickle down the vertical wall, which ensures the resulting noise remains minimal. 


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