How to mix types of overflows

In the last three articles we have outlined the main types of overflows you could expect to find in any given swimming pool.


Moving away from the detailed descriptions of said overflows, I now want to tackle a more practical question:


Is it possible for us to mix and match different types of overflows together?


The answer is, in reality, quite simple: Absolutely! It is perfectly acceptable, and possible, for you to engage in a form of collage of different overflows. In fact, if you require a more isolated area in your pool ( jacuzzi, kiddie pool, etc…), I would even recommend using a skimmer system alongside the overflow one. Why? Because, as we have already seen, different overflows and systems serve different purposes and are always better suited to certain needs. If you want a pool that can satisfy a variety of needs, and respect the complex characteristics of your landscape and lifestyle, mixing and matching is the best option for you. 


The two photos below illustrate two separate occasions where I decided to mix a deck level overflow with an infinity edge one. As you can see, this was the only solution to simultaneously ensure the visibility of the entire water surface and respect the clients' steep terrains. 




What do you think? Do not hesitate to comment and express your views on the mix&match approach?


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